Treasure Coast Surgical Specialists Offer Advanced Techniques in Surgery

The surgeons at Treasure Coast Surgical Specialists are now providing the option of minimally invasive colon surgery. The technical term for this is “Laparoscopic Colectomy”. Minimally invasive surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years. With this type of surgery, a large incision is avoided. Instead several small incisions are made and specialized instruments allow the surgeon to view and conduct the surgery through these incisions. Because minimally invasive surgery means smaller incisions, it may also mean faster recovery period, less post-operative pain and a faster return to normal activity.

Mammosite® Radiation Therapy System

The 5-Day Targeted Mammosite® Radiation Therapy System.

Light of the World Charities

Proud supporters of the Light of the World Charities organization. From the Light of the World Charities’ website:

Light of the World Charities is an organization made up primarily of volunteers from the health and medical community, who along with other concerned individuals, provide medical/surgical and dental care to the poor and sick of the world. LOTWC regularly sends surgical teams to developing countries with the goal of improving the quality of life of those in need.